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reality is girls have stretch marks and instead of shaming and photo shopping people should accept and embrace it.

you have stretch marks from either overeating and rapid weight change 
OR you’re not taking care of your skin. either way you’re not helping yourself
brush your teeth, wash your hair, wash your ass and rub lotion on it OR you could eat foods that have vitamins for your skin

Or you could just shush and not be so rude about other people. Do you look after yourself perfectly 100% of the time? Would you appreciate people picking at you?

I have stretch marks from hitting puberty and literally getting breasts and hips overnight.

You get stretch marks from losing weight, gaining weight, gaining muscle and stretch marks don’t make you a dirty person. Don’t ever listen to people bad-mouthing this. Chances are, they have them too and are being hypocritical, egotistic assholes. Guys get these too. My boyfriend has them. It’s human. 

What the fuck do clean teeth and hair even have to do with this? You literally just get them from rapid bodily changes too quickly. Fuck off. 

me and my boyfriend have them too, please stop with the shit talking about stretch marks. they are natural and extremely common. blehhh I’m so sick of people fetishizing skinny and “perfect” bodies. oh you’re thin but there’s a chance you may have been bigger once because of your stretch marks? apparently that’s bad. like fuck off. you can’t win with anyone

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sexist/homophobe/racist: “everybody has the right to their own opinion :) it’s a free country i can say whatever i want :)”


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If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.

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New face tattoo

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Kind of amazing how Coco Chanel actively volunteered to spy for the Nazis in 1941 and accepted ownership of financial assets seized from Jews who’d been sent to death camps and still gets treated with this reverence as a strong independent feminine icon. 

Next time, dig a bit deeper and find icons who weren’t enthusiastic Nazis.

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Me, trying to explain over the last however many years why I hate those fucking interlocking ‘C’s. She was a Nazi. A volunteer Nazi. 

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Learned something new today.

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This is me, Jess, reading a message we got that relates to the many we get daily.


the day i fucking snap is not going to be a good day


1970’s Geometric Vintage Fabric via somethingfine on flickr.

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Title: Tango Shoes Artist: Bif Naked 500 plays


Bif Naked - Tango Shoes

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